Main Point Farm,Falkland Islands

I have always loved dogs from a very young age. I was 5 years old when I first remember having a close bond with one of my Dads farm dogs.

It carried on from there. I started work on farms when I was 15 and soon had my own dog. This escalated over the years and I’ve become very attached to many dogs over the years. I’ve done a bit of trialing but these days mainly have them for farm work and the company.

I have always had collies and in 2019 imported an Irish collie bitch, which is something I had always dreamed of being able to do to. I also imported a Kelpie dog from Wales. Mainly to bring in new Kelpie bloodlines. It worked in 3 years he has sired 43 pups! Getting there here was a month journey on a ship to get to them to the Falklands. I later imported 3 more collies over the following 18 months. All of which are now part of my farm team.